Bio (en)


Over the last twenty years, Laurent Pigeolet has accumulated a vast experience as composer, concert pianist and professor for different musical disciplines. He actively started composing at the age for ten and continuously  improved and developed his skills. His own very creative, contemporary style has brought him numerous composing assignments on behalf of broadcasting and musical event organizations as well as  professional orchestras and instrumentalists. In addition to piano and classic instrumental composition, Laurent has a strong expertise with electroacoustic composing and currently collaborates with IRCAM, Paris and the Centre Henry Pousseur, Belgium on an innovative electroacoustic project.

As concert pianist, Laurent disposes of a very large repertoire of classical and modern oeuvres and regularly gives public performances – some of which in collaboration with  well known orchestras such as the Philharmonic Orchestra Liege. Laurent’s pedagogic career path includes teaching courses of Piano, Musical Analysis and Improvisation at the Royal Conservatories of Brussels, Liege and Mons and the «Institut de Musique et de Pédagogie» (IMEP), Namur, Belgium. He also accompanies classical and contemporary dance, song and instrumental courses at the  Musical Academies of Wavre, Court St Etienne and at  P.A.R.T.S  Contemporary Dance School, Brussels founded by Anne-Teresa De Keersmaeker.

Following his studies of Piano and Musical Pedagogy at IMEP, which he terminated in 1992 with a summa cum laude distinction, Laurent continued his education in disciplines such as piano, harmony, electroacoustic composing, chamber music, musical analysis and improvisation at the Royal Conservatories of Brussels, Liege and Mons, where he obtained an additional Superior Diploma in Piano in 1997. Highlights of his educational course include the award of the 1st Prize for Harmony in 1994, the  1st Prize for Composition in 2003 and 1st Prize  for Orchestration in 2004 by the Royal Conservatory of Mons as well as two 2nd Prizes in Harmony and Electroacoustic Composition.

Laurent Pigeolet has studied and worked with numerous well-known professors and masters of the art:   Claude Ledoux, Denis Pousseur – Orchestration and Composing Tatiana Evdokimova, Evgeny Moguilevsky, Jo Alfidi – Piano Georges Bouché, Luc Dupuis – Harmony Jacques Stecke & Thierry Chleide – Counterpoint Dominique Bodson – Musical Analysis Marie-Christine Saint-Mard, Serge Bémant and Jacques Vanherenthals  – Chamber Music Annette Vande Gorne –  Electroacoustic Composing Firmin Decerf, Pirly Zurstrassen, Dominique Bodson – Improvisation.

Composing aesthetics and philosophy:

The aesthetics of Laurent Pigeolet’s composing work is in constant evolution. Being a serialist in the beginning, he then rejects certain principles opposed to the living nature of sound. Without completely renouncing to his previous style – of which he keeps a number of characteristics and structural elements – he elaborates step by step a new musical language, based notably on harmonic sliding and variations of light. His previous focus on bursting pitches gives progressively way to more and more restricted intervals and a constant search for the evolution of sound color. Harmony and the multiple ways to transform play a key role. Continuity follows disruption, and the overlapping of different tones and tempi is explored. He re-establishes the sound as a living element, no longer limiting it to be an abstract symbol on a score. Intermittent phrases and cyclicity are substituted by waves and their irregularities, their rhythm, flow and breathing.   Laurent Pigeolet has composed on behalf of the National Orchestra Belgium, the Luxembourg Sinfonietta, the Uyttenhove Ensemble, the Altazor Ensemble, Musiques Nouvelles, the Microkosmos Ensemble, The fractales Ensemble, as well as for the pianist Jean-Pierre Delens.   He is an active member of the Composer’s Forum Belgium.